01/100 – Maureen


I did it!  My first stranger.

Ok, so I didn’t quite do it by myself.  My friend Bethany led us through Central Park and forced us to approach people.

Well she did the approaching. I did the sweating.

And so…. Meet Maureen.

It was her hat that caught our eyes- sitting peacefully on an park bench alongside the Great Lawn with her feet tucked up onto the bench and her bicycle leaning beside her- she was the perfect image of a New Yorker enjoying a truly lovely spring afternoon in the park.

Originally from England, but a long time New Yorker, Maureen had a warmth about her, and a that lovely accent that made you long for a cup of tea… and a biscuit.

Of course, in the moment, I forgot absolutely everything I know about composition and lighting and anything remotely related to technical skill- and wound up with a handful of snapshots, that don’t do her justice.  But the ice is broken, and from here on it can only get easier… right?

Thanks Maureen for being my first!



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