So… I was feeling pretty uninspired, only picking my camera up for scheduled shoots, when my friend Noa Noa Girl  suggested we try a photo project.

We’d tried the weekly theme projects in the past, but this time I wanted something less… scheduled.   Too often I found myself up late the night before the end of the week, half ass-ing a mediocre shot jut to fit the theme.  I quickly lost interest, and the camera went back to sitting on the shelf.

Thus began the search for inspiration for my inspiration.

Almost immediately I stumbled on these guys-  100strangers  – and knew I had my project.

It seems perfect, and totally terrifying.  Not only does it give me a reason to take my camera with me everywhere I go, but it has the potential to help me grow as a headshot photographer too, by forcing me to adapt to the environment and to see shoot portraits quickly…

I should mention the thought of approaching strangers on the streets of New York fills me with sweaty, twitchy, heart pounding soical anxiety stress.

That shouldn’t be a problem… right?

Anyway….. Here I go, off to work up the courage to meet 100 new people.


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